DIASTASIS is most likely to occur in women during pregnancy, when the inner pressure results in enlargement of the abdominal wall. Postpartum can also be self-medication, but in the case of a weakened DSS (deep stabilization system) and a binding between the muscles, diastase persists. However, it can also occur outside of pregnancy, especially in cases of higher weight gain or improper exercise, even in men. With diastasis, a hand-in-hand and a weakened PELVIC FLOOR. As a result, there are functional problems such as: leakage of urine, faeces, loss of uterus and bladder, or pain during sexual intercourse. In this case, we recommend seeking professional help.

If you also have a bulging tummy after childbirth, most likely it will be affected by this problem.

If you do not know whether you are concerned about this issue, we will be happy to assist you with expert diagnostics and then consult us directly in the Fitness Club or on the WORKSHOPS we offer completely FREE.