Obesity day 2018

For the third time, Slovakia joins the European Day of Obesity to draw attention to the rise in obesity. Saturday, May 19 from 10:00 to 14:00 DOLNÁ BRÁNA, Košice will be a celebration and especially a prevention, because with the help of experts, obesity is a curable disease! Throughout the day, you will be able […]

Mini marathon – Gelnica

SPORTS MONDAY – MINI MARATHON 15.05.2018, tennis courts – GELNICA 17:00 BODYWORK / EJA> Dance associated with strengthening 18:00 TABATA / LENKA> High intensity interval training 19:00 PORT DE BRAS / KATIE> classical dance with modern and stretching at the same time Admission to the entire marathon: 6€ (drinking regime and small snack is secured) / […]

FIT RUN 2018

We joined RUN, STRENGTH AND THE CITY! Running HIIT training you will learn the correct technique of running you will learn how to properly warm up before going on you will learn how to properly stretch the muscles after the run you will improve your overall fitness and condition after the end of the run you […]