Services extra

In the morning, our masseuse, rehabilitation set, trainer and instructor with Tatiana long practice are available. In the afternoon, our sports masseur and physiotherapist with years of experience with professional athletes, Karol is available.
The massage is adjusted as needed and after diagnosis:
  • RELAX> 60min / 24 € / body massage
  • PHYSIOTHERAPY> 60min / 29 € / physiotherapy exercises as needed + massage
  • KINESIOTEPING> 60min / 29 € / treatment and fixation of the affected site + physical pacts
  • BACK PAIN> 60min / 29 € / massage of the whole back using banking

Just choose the type of massage and book the time that suits you best in the schedule. The payment for the massage is done without charge by transfer to the account. If you are interested in time and day that is not on offer, or you are interested in a massage right at your home. Just contact us.


This is the preparation of a training manual, usually done for 15 to 20 trainings. In practice, this means that you have 1 training with a personal trainer that sets you up and combines exercises according to your goal. You will then explain the technique of exercising exercises, machine control, proper breathing and nomenclature. Planning is done on the spot based on the initial interview, questionnaire and overall history. Approximate training session time is 60-80min. Upon completion, the client receives a training plan in both print and pdf versions, according to which he/ she then enters the selected fitness center alone, according to the program. A training plan can be created for the fitness center, gyms, function rooms or even your home. In case of interest, it is necessary to order by mail or by phone.

TP is suitable for RELOOKING and RELOOKING TEAM graduates and for those who already have a sporting experience.

Price: 30 € / 1 person
+ access to the fitness center


These are classical coaching guides that you can know from other fitness centers. Before this type of training, a personal meeting is needed to reach your goals, history, and options. Only after the consultation will we go to training. Such training does not include diet, diary, photography, nutritional supplements, or other services that contain RELOOKING and RELOOKING TEAM.

BPT is suitable for advanced and experienced trainees looking for a change in their training routine and for those who want to exercise without changing the diet or recording progress. Also suitable for those who have attended a training program and would once again want to undergo training with a coach to make sure they control everything right.

The price:
25 € / 1 training / 1 person
40 € / 1 training / 2 persons at once
+ access to the fitness center

BE FRESH – EAT FRESH – first aid in nutrition

Do you practice everyday, but do not see the results? Maybe there is a problem in the diet. If you do not know what to eat before or after training? Do you want to be sure about how to look like a healthy plate? If so, this service is right for you. We offer you the opportunity to order an hourly consultation with a diet plan expert to clarify a lot of things and also set the right diet. No Diet and Trouble. But a tasty and balanced diet. If you are interested in consulting, just contact us by mail, phone or sms. Place and time to suit your requirements.

The price:
30€ / about 60min meeting / including materials


Education in fitness, aerobics and functional trainings. There are two kinds of training in our academy: CERTIFICATE => Basic education suitable for beginners, which forms the necessary basis for the future coach. DIPLOM => Extensive education suitable for existing coaches of group and individual trainings or absurdities of our certificates.

The price:
from 99€ / depending on type of training