I’m a personal trainer and aerobics instructor as well. However I’ve studied at University of Prešov, Faculty of Arts, specializing in paedeutics and ethics, I’m pursuing something that feels closer to me. I’ve worked abroad for a few years (Italy, Ireland, France), where I not only trained myself in the sports sphere, but also worked and gathered many new experiences. I’ve learned many new methods and approaches during all of my abroad residences. Based on my knowledge and experience I’ve developed the Relooking program, which has already helped many people to gain their lost condition and firm body, and moreover rebuilt their self-confidence and helped them to feel great.

My favorite is the group training of Port de Bras, but I also like all kinds of dance lessons. I often practice House moves, aerobics, aerodance or zumba on stage. I frequently organize different kinds of Fitness weekends or Fitness Marathons, where you can try different kinds of workouts at one place.

In Katie’s club I’m not only the boss but also a trainer. You can visit my lessons of Port De Bras, Tabata or Baby Fit work anytime.

In addition, if you join any of my lessons for the first time, it is free of charge.

My trainings are always diverse and dynamic, full of energy, fun and sweat.

Licenses and certificates:

  • Aerobic Advanced Instructor – Specialized in advanced teaching skills in Aerobics and Step – Julio Papi, Per Markusen, Carlos Ramirez, Cristina Kiki Constantinescu, Tanya Lulcheva, Isabela Lacatus, Raluca Babaligea (2014, Bukurešť, RO)
  • Tabata instructor® – Certificate (2014, Košice, SK)
  • Bokwa Fitness Instructor® – Level 1 (2013, Bordeaux, FR)
  • Carte Profesionnelle D’Educateur Sportif (2012, Bordeaux,FR)
  • Training Instructor – specialization Fitness (2012, Bordeaux, FR)
  • Personal Trainer – specialization Body Building (2012, Bordeaux, FR)
  • Zumba Fitness Instructor® – Basic Steps 2 (2011, Budapest, HU)
  • Zumba Fitness Instructor® – Basic Steps 1 (2010, Budapest, HU)
  • Port De Bras® – Floorwork + Pilates Fusion s Julio Papi (2011, Prague, CZ)
  • Port De Bras® – Intermediate Update s Julio Papi (2011, Prague, CZ)
  • Port De Bras® – Basic s Julio Papi (2010, Prague, CZ)
  • Port de Bras® – Intermediate Level Session s Vladimir Snezhnik (2010, Bratislava, SK)
  • Port de Bras® – Basic Level Session s Vladimir Snezhnik (2010, Bratislava, SK)
  • Aerobics Instructor – License B (2010, Bratislava, SK)
  • Certificate – Street Dance (2011, Prague, CZ)
  • Certificate – Choreo Dance Training (2010, Trnava, SK)
  • Certificate – Aqua Gym (2009, Rome, IT)
  • Certificate – Body Work (2008, Bratislava, SK)
  • 3rd grade trainer – Specialization athletics (2006, Košice, SK)